Hesam Mohamadi


Engineering Era (2010-2015)

I entered Electrical Engineering school at the University of Tehran in 2010 after achieving rank 147 among more than 300’000 participants in the National Entrance Exam for bachelors.

I was the Teaching Assistant for the course Linear Control Systems in 2013 and 2014. I worked with Prof. Tooraj Abbasian (Google Scholar) for two semesters and with Prof. Fariba Bahrami (Google Scholar) for one semester. During those semesters, I taught in classes, graded homework and exam papers and designed assignment for students. The picture on the right shows one of my solution sheets for one of the assignments (about Mason's Rule). 


I have always been enthusiastic about cutting-edge research in engineering. I started to collaborate with IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering) in 2013 and I co-founded the first Magazine of IEEE Student Branch at University of Tehran. I was also the editor-in-chief for the first editions. Moreover,  I edited IEEE Iran Section Newsletter for 4 years.  (below pictures)

My association with IEEE has continued for several years even after my graduation. I hope to keep on working with this institute (Some of the appreciation certificates which I received from IEEE at left).


Engineering is a inseparable part of my life. I am mentally and emotionally attached to it. 

I spent 5 years of my life at University of Tehran. I fell in love there, I learned about my keen interest in Philosophy there. I had the worst days and the best days of my life with my friends who I found there. University of Tehran was my home and it will always be.

In below picture, you can see my colleagues at University of Tehran. Some of these guys are the smartest people I have ever seen. 


Philosophy Era (2015-2019)

I took the National Entrance Exam for Philosophy in 2015 and I achieved rank 1 although I was competing against the students who had just received their B.A. in Philosophy. I entered Tarbiat Modares University which is the best school of Philosophy in Iran and I enjoyed courses with the best philosophers of the country. 

I wrote a dissertation, titled "Functionality of Vagueness in Law" under the supervision and mentorship of Prof. Davood Hosseini, on the conjunction of Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Language, and Applied Ethics and graduated in 2017. At the right you see the announcement of my defense session. 


I published a journal paper one year later, titled "An Acquittal for Epistemicism" in the International Journal for the Semiotics of Lawwhich provided many of the materials for my M.A. dissertation. It was the first and the only  journal in which I submitted my manuscript and it was accepted in the first try. My manuscript was blind-reviewed, received very positive comments from the unknown reviewers, and was published in September 2018. One of the comments comes as follows:

This is a very well-written piece of scholarship which makes a powerful and convincing argument for a reconsideration of Scott Soames' arguments against epistemicism.  The argument is clearly outlined and presented and, whether one ultimately accepts that argument, there is no question that it is a piece of scholarship of the very highest quality.  For that reason alone, it should be published.

Very minor revisions could be made for clarity; I have highlighted in yellow in the attached pdf some places in the article where some re-writing for clarity might help. These are minor, though, and need only be addressed at the Editor's/author's discretion. Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this submission and I commend the author for an outstanding piece of work.


My other papers were also accepted in several International, National, and Student Conferences. The subjects of these papers varied from Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Language to Philosophy of Technology, Spinoza and Culture. 

During my master's and after that, I was also an active member of professional societies in Philosophy and Logic. I was one of the editors of Philosophy Magazine at Tarbiat Modares University and the editor-in-chief of the Association for Logic Bulletin (The pictures at the right).

I also occasionally collaborate with different public newspapers and magazines for general issues like Rock Music and Fashion. Furthermore, I have published a book (on mathematics for high-school students), a travelogue, a couple of interviews and some translations.


Since September 2019, I started my second M.A. in Philosophy at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Currently, I enjoy having Pro-Seminar with Prof. Endre Begby and Advance Problems in Meta-Ethics with Prof. Evan Tiffany. I am also TAing for the undergraduate course Moral Problems lectured by Prof. Bruno Guindon.

At left, you see two pieces of a handout that I recently gave to one of my tutorial sections. The students had confused ideas about Mackie's argument from queerness against moral objectivism and they mostly failed to write something meaningful about his argument  (Activity (1)), although they had a lecture on the topic in the same week. However, after my 50-minutes tutorial they started to get the main idea and successfully wrote about the argument in Activity (4).


I enjoy watching movies and certain TV series. Namely, I like Wood Allen movies and I am a Rick & Morty fan. I also like progressive rock music, and I love Anathema and Steven Wilson's works in particular.

Find me in the first Y! :)